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Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better~Maya Angelou

Want Big Results? Start Small

Big, sweeping change is hard. If we crash diet, it comes back. If we try to go cold turkey on TV, we end up binge watching three shows the first rainy day. If we try to cut all sugar out... Continue Reading →

Protecting Your Baby’s Bottom

Wednesday, we chatted about how every small change can have a huge impact. We're on the last day of our Facebook Live event- head to our Group Page┬áto check out the rest of the topics we covered. Really, every little... Continue Reading →

Small Changes, Massive Impact

You can have a massive impact on your health and your contribution to the health of the planet by making a few small changes to your every day routine. We're not talking about going off the grid and only eating... Continue Reading →

Dream Big

As we fly through another month, I'm reminded once again to dream big. To not let the time pass by- Someday isn't a day of the week, so what are you waiting for? Look, the timing will never be right.... Continue Reading →

Shop Small

Tomorrow is the Rutland Farmers' Market- I love this time of year in Vermont- access to fresh, local food free of questionable pesticides and ingredients, good people watching, and inspirational small businesses making it happen. One of my favorite spots... Continue Reading →

What if?

First off, WHAT IF your small choices really do make a big difference? WHAT IF every small #switchtosafer you made really did compile and add up (I believe it really does)? WHAT IF the fact that you are being mindful... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings

Life as a new mother working from home is new to me. I'm getting used to it. It's a transition though. I work at least 50 hours a week all winter, so the transition from that to setting my own... Continue Reading →


This is a cosmetics ad from 1938. That's the last time any significant regulation passed and almost 80 years later we still find ourselves with only 30 chemicals restricted from use in personal care and cosmetics. Here's an article that... Continue Reading →

Being You!

It's been a spring of new beginnings. I've spent a lot of time reflecting, doing yoga, playing with my toddler and generally unwinding from a very stressful winter. It's been scary and refreshing at the same time. I know we're... Continue Reading →

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