I watched the John Oliver piece on MLMs the other day. I will be the first to admit I never saw myself involved in sales, and thought it even less likely that I would be working as part of a sales team. I got nervous in high school selling poinsettias to my neighbors. What I love about Beautycounter is it’s not about the sales- it’s about the mission. Now, do sales drive innovation and progress of the mission- of course. What finally tipped the scales for me was Beautycounter’s commitment to education and the drive to be an industry leader and influence a multi-billion dollar industry.

I’ve been an educator my entire career and consider myself well educated. I was shocked how little I knew about the state of the personal care and cosmetics industries in the US. I am proud to be part of a company advocating for change and pushing others to stand up, vote with their consumer dollars and #switchtosafer. The mission to get safer products in the hands of everyone coupled with the marketing focus on empowerment through transparency is a model that I fully support. Most days, I eat well. Some days lunch doesn’t happen until Wendy’s on the way home from work. The thing is, I know Wendy’s isn’t good for me, and I’m purposely ignorant of the less desirable things in their food, but I know enough to know they’re in there. I had no idea that the cute bottles of baby shampoo were full of chemicals that could increase my daughter’s cancer risk.

I love the quote at the top of this post- we rise by lifting others. Beautycounter is working to raise the standards so that all of us can shop conventional stores and know that 95% of lipstick on the shelf no longer contains lead. The consultants across the country are spending time and effort to make sure that the shampoo in our showers is free of endocrine disrupting chemicals sparking precocious puberty in our children. I’m working to ensure that I have easy access to diaper cream that both soothes her little booty, but doesn’t add an unnecessary toxic load to her little lady bits. We all deserve better.

It’s also nice to be remunerated handsomely for my efforts. Unlike MLMs, direct retail brands like Beautycounter don’t require you to stock inventory, don’t require you to personally purchase anything (though you’ll want to use the products because they’re awesome and it makes it easier to speak to people about specifics), and you can make money without building a team. That said, any business is more fun with coworkers, and the opportunity to be part of something bigger is very appealing. If you would like to be part of the mission, shoot me an email and tell me a little about yourself- in order to ensure I can dedicate enough time to make your business grow and thrive, I can only take on so many team mates each month. I take mentoring you very seriously and I’m here to help others rise up, use their voices and make an impact on an industry that we all use everyday.

Join the mission, take the job.