Have I shared recently how excited I am for spring? The winter was great- especially for those of us in the ski business, but there’s something about spring that’s so, cliche as it might be, refreshing.

That said, I’m spending a lot more time outside and on the move. One thing I always make time for? Sunscreen.

I never leave the house without it. I love my Dew Skin– I wear shade number two- it’s just enough coverage to smooth everything out, and has spf 20 right in it. If I only apply one thing, this is it.

I also throw this stick sunscreen in my bag- Protect Stick for Face – it’s safe for the whole family, easy to apply and carry and doesn’t leave me looking like a ghost.

As for the rest of my spring look? I’m loving soft pinks for spring- but spring is about trying something new. It’s also a great time to look through your cosmetics- the things you purchased in the fall are probably expired- toss them now and switch to safer alternatives (if you haven’t already!) Eye makeup can be especially dangerous if kept too long- an eye infection from an old contaminated product is not the look for spring we’re going for…


With all looks, taking good care of your skin is an important part of having a glowing spring look. Don’t neglect your hydration, and be sure to invest in a Sugar Scrub to revitalize your winter skin now that it’s out again, don’t forget sunscreen on the parts of your body that have been exposed all winter.