When was the last time you went above and beyond? When was the last time you stepped out of your secure world and did something that scared you or challenged you?

Why should you bother?

Why not?

You have things to offer the world. You have a voice that matters. You can make a difference if you set your mind to it.

As a mom, sometimes it feels like the extra mile is the only place I live- that the chores never end and require pushing myself a little further- push me up off the couch and back in the kitchen. I resent that sometimes, but then I’m reminded that every day is proof I can go farther than I think I can. I can grow a successful business. I can raise my daughter to be independent, strong and charming. I can.

I can go the extra mile and it’s worth it.

If I can help you go the extra mile- if I can give you a cause to lend your voice to, or the financial freedom to quit your downer job and chase your dreams, please contact me and let’s get started with the rest of your life!