How many of you out there are parents of fiercely independent toddlers? I am, that’s for sure… my daughter takes gymnastics once a week, and while it’s amazing to see her develop, it’s given her a level of confidence that is off the charts. The photo above was on a family walk- one second she was right behind us, the next, she ran back to her second favorite gate and in an instant climbed to the top. Poof. No adults needed.

In case you can’t tell, she’s the yellow dot on the blue gate…

In a way I’m thankful she’ll do things alone- when we’re at the park and all she wants to do is swing and swing and swing, there’s only so long that’s fun for both of us… she’ll play by herself, eats without help, reads books, can almost get to her favorite movies on Netflix (yes, I had screen time intentions that have flown right out the window…).

On the other hand, she’s perfectly content letting me do the dressing- she’ll help, but we’re not at the point I can hand her her clothes and come back to a girl all ready to go. One day right? It must happen- I dress myself, so it’s possible. God I hope so.

I know we’re only given what we can handle, but sometimes it seems like a lot. I’m doing what I can to expose her to other kids, new experiences and new opportunities to be brave, engaged and curious. I’m working to also to make sure she has the skills she needs to go on these adventures. She knows how to climb the fence, and it’s not enough to go up, she must also get herself down. No help.

Our toddlers, while it might not seem that way, won’t be little forever. In fact, not that long ago they were helpless infants. It’s an amazing thing this journey isn’t it?