I’ve fallen in love.

With writing, with working from home, with helping others. The whole bit. I’ve always found it difficult to define what I love to do- I like to do all sorts of things, but over the last year of blogging and working as an educator with Beautycounter I’ve really discovered that I love this work.

The time it allows me with my young family, the satisfaction of making a difference and helping others, the chance to keep learning and growing, the financial freedom- all of those factors keep me coming back to the keyboard for more. As a new mom (I still consider myself that even though I now have a two year old), the connection and community keeps me sane.

So on to the point- I’m expanding the scope of my efforts. I have 10 hours a week available to help you with your writing projects- setting up a blog, proofreading, editing, providing content, research- I’m game for anything along those lines. I’m interested in a wide variety of topics and am an avid reader and researcher. I’m also a successful marketer having worked for both a large corporation, private country club and my own businesses. I love researching trends and looking for ways to increase engagement. I love preparing interesting presentations with captivating images, flow and humor.

If you have a one time project that’s getting away from you, or an ongoing way we can collaborate, let’s chat. I’m offering these services to fill a stated need from some of my loyal readers, so reach out soon to be sure to lock down the hours you need!

If you’re curious about some of my other work, check out my other blog- Modern Musings and shoot me an email and let’s get this partnership going!