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Your Precious Baby Needs Remy the Raccoon!

Babies are undoubtedly cute. Stuffed animals are also cute, and they don't poop on you. This Better Baby Care Set complete with Finn and Emma exclusive Remy the Raccoon is a must have for your holiday shopping. Pregnant? Know anyone who... Continue Reading →

The Scar that made me a Mom

Slowly but surely, my scar is smoothing out. It's getting finer. It's still there though- it's still a defining mark of the moment I became a mom.

Never Underestimate the Power of Easy

If there's anything more difficult than getting a clean diaper and a pair of pants on a toddler, it's getting sunscreen on them. Not only are toddlers wiggly, but even though sunscreen has never done anything to them, sunscreen is... Continue Reading →

Insatiable Curiosity

The other day, my husband found a little snake that the cat brought into the house. He rescued it and everyone headed outside to check it out. I'm ok with wildlife. I prefer it outside, not in, though with two... Continue Reading →

Sharing is Caring

There's a lot of talk in the mom world about community. There are mom blogs, mom groups, mom forums, you name it. It can be a lonely time when you're first left home with this little bundle and I remember... Continue Reading →

Moms and Worry

I saw a meme somewhere along the way (that I naturally can't find now) that was something along the lines of "Moms worry even when their eyes are closed" and it struck a nerve. Maybe I'm still a rookie mom... Continue Reading →

Beauty of Motherhood

There are a lot of blogs out there that will talk about the beauty of motherhood.  There are a lot of memes and cute stories out there about how as a new mom, you don't have time to shower, shave... Continue Reading →

Secrets to Bathtime

There's a lot of hype around giving your baby a bath. What products to buy, how to get the water just right, what kind of massage to do while your baby is in the tub. You can spend hours with... Continue Reading →

Sunscreen Safety- things I didn’t know

Being fair skinned, but not as fair as my younger sister, I've been pretty good about sunscreen. Now that I'm a mom, I'm almost overly concerned with keeping my blond haired, blue eyed baby safe from the sun. I never... Continue Reading →

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