There are many things I love about Vermont- the seasons, the people, the access to fresh food, the landscape, to name a few. I lived in Davidson, North Carolina, during college (go Wildcats!) and was exposed to the world outside Vermont. The world where Target and McAlister’s sweet tea are plentiful.

For my bank account’s sake, it’s probably a good thing that the closest Target is over an hour away. However, the temptation to go check out the new Beautycounter for Target was strong, and my annual trip to OshKosh to pick up fleecy coveralls for Alice needed to be scheduled. Luckily, it was supposed to rain yesterday (and sort of did), removing the excuse that it was too nice a day to spend in the car, and I scooped up my mom and off we went.

I mainly wanted a few of the Be Your Beautiful pouches- I’m a sucker for a cute pouch and I love that (Target exclusive) message. I also loaned my Nourishing Cream Cleanser to a friend, was curious about the (Target exclusive) nourishing oil and now have exclusive free gifts codes I can give to friends who make the jump and #switchtosafer. Win, win win. If you’re interested in a code- join the Facebook Group Better Beauty Vermont and leave a comment on the Target post.

I also left with a pile of cute note cards, a fun water bottle, some pretty ribbon, some pumpkin spice coffee and a pile of other things I wanted and in no way needed… but hey, when in Target… I also got to spend the day with my mom. No distractions (other than Alice), no real time frame, and a fun mission to make sure Alice was ready to be the cutest baby in Child Care this winter. Luckily, I also got a call from my winter job asking when I could start (making the hit to the credit card a little better). We didn’t have any sweet tea, but other than that, it was a pretty perfect day.

Remember to stop occasionally and spend the day with people you love, indulging in whatever whim you feel like. Beautycounter was the excuse, and for that I’m grateful. I wouldn’t have thought partnering with this company would lead to all the connections I’ve made online and in real life, all while helping my family financially and ensuring the products in my house are safe.

Be Your Beautiful my friends.