It’s officially mid September. That telltale crispness is in the air, and the leaves are beginning to turn. It’s my favorite month (even though my birthday is in July). It’s also the time of year that my skin begins the transition from golden and dewey to pasty and dull. The change of season can be rough on skin, that’s why I turn to hydrating and fun skin care.

One of my current favorite products is this Beautycounter Color Pinch Cream BlusherIt feels great on my skin, and the creaminess of it is moisturizing. WebMD lists 10 steps to take to alleviate dry winter skin, including moisturize and moisturize more, notably with non-clogging oils. This cream blush contains castor oil, along with other natural waxes that make it glide and feel amazing on my skin. Many of the Beautycounter moisturizing creams contain coconut and safflower oils, like the Nourishing Day CreamThe great thing about Beautycounter products is the care and detail put into using safe ingredients in all the products. They have a “Never List” of over 1500 ingredients that they will never use, many of which are common in name brand cosmetics.

I work outside in the winter (which doesn’t help the complexion), but it does well with the rosy cheeks. I opt for the blusher in Caramel because it acts more like a bronzer and doesn’t compete with any flush from being outside. Another key part of my fall and winter skin care is sunscreen. The Protect Stick is easy to apply, easy to keep in my pocket and my desk and reminds me to use it. The sun reflecting off the ice and snow acts like those old school mirrors people used to use out by the pool. It’s sneaky, but can pack a punch. I also wear sunglasses everyday for just that reason. Snow blindness is a real thing…

We’re (hopefully) still a little bit away from actual winter, but fall is a great time to reevaluate the products you need and what you use. If you bought something in the spring, it’s probably time to replace it to keep your routine safe. You also need different types of products and maybe colors for the coming season. As the leaves change, consider making the #switchtosafer and heading into the fall and winter with functional, safe and fun products.

If you’re not sure where to start, shoot me an email or leave a comment and we’ll tackle this together!