When we think of fragrance, we probably imagine something like the above. The reality is, we should be imagining something like this:


Fragrance (aka parfum) is usually made up of over 3000 industrial chemicals that are considered a trade secret and companies are not required to disclose them. They can lead to allergic reactions, migraines and even cancers.

Yes, cancers.

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. Every day, thousands of women unknowingly spray and rub chemicals on their skin that can cause harm and the manufacturers are not required to disclose what exactly those chemicals are. Styrene, found in automobile exhaust, Styrofoam containers and fragrances. Fragrances in turn are found in laundry soap, dosh soap, cosmetics, perfume and a wide variety of products we use every day without even thinking.

One of the things I love about Beautycounter is they don’t use fragrance, and yet their products smell great and perform to the highest levels. Every ingredient in all our products is tested for safety and more importantly disclosed. There are no secrets. If it’s in the bottle, it’s on the label. No exceptions. In a hyper competitive market where companies are willing to make products that meet the EU’s strict standards and change the formulas to include cheaper more toxic ingredients to make more money, it’s refreshing to see a company step up and ask for more regulation and higher standards.

In a world where we have enough to worry about, what’s in our bathroom shouldn’t be on the list. Make the #switchtosafer today and get known carcinogens off your skin.