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Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better~Maya Angelou


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Do Something TODAY!

Tuesdays are my days. I get up early, I do a longer yoga, a walk or run by myself, to the bookstore to work on my business, then to JOY to work on that business. I wander home to snuggle... Continue Reading →

Are You Ready to Light Fires?

I was scrolling LinkedIn the other day and came across this quote by Dr. Travis Bradberry. Boom. Exactly. Managers light a fire under people. Leaders light a fire in people. I've been thinking a lot about leadership this spring. As... Continue Reading →

Phthalates: A Closer Look

Some people are wary- all this talk about chemicals in our products must be overblown. Is it? Watch this short video: This is from the European Council Plasticisers and Intermediates. Naturally, this video is positive. But notice is makes no... Continue Reading →

Hidden Chemicals

I still remain shocked at how many hidden chemicals are in the food we eat, the products we use and the water we drink. I used to think living in Vermont protected me from the rampant pollution found elsewhere, then... Continue Reading →

Reducing Your Toxic Load

I recently found this great article- 5 EASY WAYS TO REDUCE YOUR TOXIC LOAD AT HOME I'm slowly following the advice. I've made great strides to reduce my plastic- I have a cute Swell Bottle I love to carry around... Continue Reading →

The Power of Smell

When we think of fragrance, we probably imagine something like the above. The reality is, we should be imagining something like this: Fragrance (aka parfum) is usually made up of over 3000 industrial chemicals that are considered a trade secret... Continue Reading →

Stink Movie

If you have 90 minutes, go watch this movie streaming for free in October HERE: Your chemical exposure adds up and you have no idea what you're exposed to, how often or how much. The chemical industry actively lobbies against... Continue Reading →

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