I was scrolling LinkedIn the other day and came across this quote by Dr. Travis Bradberry. Boom. Exactly.

Managers light a fire under people. Leaders light a fire in people.

I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership this spring. As I continue to grow my Snow Sports Leadership Community and work on my second book, my mind is spinning to define those qualities.

I’m also heading to Beautycounter’s Leadership Summit on Thursday- I’m so excited to connect with my teammates, leaders and presenters while we come together to make a difference. I’m honored to work with a company leading the charge for better beauty laws. Our efforts are making a difference- since I joined almost two years ago, we’ve increased the number of ingredients banned for use in personal care and cosmetics from 11 to 30 (not sadly the 1,400 banned in the EU… but progress!).

Better Beauty Vermont 1938

Sure, does Beautycounter have things to sell? Would I love to help you make the switch to safer and grow my business? Of course. But what sets Beautycounter apart- what makes us leaders, is we light fires in people to make significant change. My goal is to educate and help you make better choices for you. Do I have solutions? Sure- but any effort towards using our consumer power to change the industry and reduce the number of potentially harmful chemicals we’re exposed to every day is progress.

Since partnering with the company, I’ve changed. I’m eating better, more sustainable and organic food. I’ve switch to safer cleaning products, cooking tools and reduced my impact by carrying my own coffee cup, water bottle, napkin, straw and spork. That’s in addition to using safer personal care and cosmetics on my skin and my family. Heck, even the dogs and cats are making the switch to safer.

There was so much I didn’t know. I’m motivated by Gregg and the other leaders in this company to learn more, have more impact and create the career of my dreams. The fire is lit. I’m getting up at 3:00 a.m. Thursday morning to get to Minneapolis to fan the flames. I’m pumped. The question is, when are you going to join me?