Are you paying enough attention to your life to capitalize on all the best moments?

I have a toddler. Well, maybe she’s a preschooler by now. Anyway, she’s in love with life. She finds something cool in everything we do. The GIF above is her discovering her butt in the first three way mirror she’s seen. Fascinated. Giggles. Joy. Twirling, up too close, walking backwards- it was amazing to watch.

Better Beauty Vermont Magic of Mirrors

Now, could I have rushed her and been embarrassed that she was taking over the dressing room? Sure, but sometimes we need to take the time to just play. To enjoy life. To just do the best we can to be the happiest we can be.

It might take different forms for different people. I love educating and connecting people. I also need time to myself. The time I slip away to work on this website and my Beautycounter business help keep my week in balance. I’m making a difference while living my life. I love my family but I need a break to be me. That doesn’t make me a bad mom, that makes me the best mom I can be.

Are you spending time every day doing something that matters to you? It might be running your own business, or it might be reading a book in a favorite chair. Who knows, it might just be dancing in the three way mirror…

Better Beauty Vermont Joy in Simple Things