Sometimes we get in our own way.

We sabotage a nice day by beating ourselves up for not “getting enough done” or not being “perfect.” It’s time to stop it. It’s time to learn from our toddlers.

Look, life has obligations. There are bills we have to pay, jobs we have to go to, appointments to keep. No matter what you have on your plate, it’s your decision how much of your time and energy each thing gets.

That might seem like it doesn’t apply to you- you work 9-5. You have to go to the dentist at 8. These things might be true, but you also have choices. You can pick up a side hustle that becomes your full time job. You can schedule yourself blocks of time to actually work, turn off your notifications and get out of the office earlier. You can get up 30 minutes before your household and either have quiet time for yourself, go for a run, work on that book you want to write.

We waste a lot of time. I’m guilty of it. I’ve wasted a nap scrolling social media instead of connecting with clients. That was my choice. The best choice for advancing my business? No, but probably good for my mental health (some may debate this, but I find spending time disengaged from my whirling thoughts helpful).

The timing is never perfect. It might rain the day you planned to weed the garden. You might have a headache on the morning you planned to run. That doesn’t make you any better or worse of a person if you stick with the plan or reschedule your day.

Better Beauty Vermont-Dogs are our best friends!

Do what makes you happy. If you want to run, run. If you want to nap, nap. Ultimately, you control how you feel and how you spend your time.

You have on your pjs and barn boots, but feel like going as fast as you can with your dog? Do it. Don’t waste time changing into your cute running outfit with your expensive sneakers. Live your life. Run.