Spring is finally here in Vermont and there’s so much to do.

Clean the house

Get out the summer clothes, give away the winter clothes that didn’t get worn

Find the gardens under the leaves

Pay the taxes

Play outside



The list goes on.

I’m easily overwhelmed. Not in a crisis, or a busy time, but when I just don’t know where to start or what to focus on. Should I call the bank and straighten out that bill, or should I go find what survived the winter in the herb garden? Should I clean the closets or go for a walk so I have a chance at fitting in those summer clothes? I’m really good at finding reasons not to do something- I don’t have enough time to go through the b.s. at the bank, it’s too soon to see what’s alive, I don’t know where I’m going to donate the clothes, I don’t have time for the full walk I really want. Then, I get frustrated with myself for not getting anything meaningful done and don’t give myself credit for what I did do.

OK, maybe I didn’t meet my step goal, but I played with my toddler outside until I bribed her back into the house with popcorn that soon turned into a snugly nap.

Better Beauty Vermont- Cat Naps are the BestLook, she’s not going to want to take naps much longer. These are the moments that are more important than cleaning the kitchen or weeding the garden. I can get my steps in another day. There is more to life than working to pay bills while you wait to die.

Now, I’m not saying that your health isn’t important. I am recommitting today to get back in the habit of daily yoga with Fightmaster Yoga. I’d gotten away from it during a busy period and now find myself barely able to reach my toes. I also am diligent about the products I use in our house, both our personal care and cosmetics (Beautycounter all the way…) and the products I use when I eventually clean the house. I’m working on the garden so we can grow more of our own food- it’ll inspire us to eat better, save money, and keep more harmful chemicals from ending up on our plates. Every small step matters.

It’s all about balance. Take that walk, switch to safer, take that nap, watch that silly show. It’s really easy to suck all the life out of your life. Think of spring as an opportunity to rest and reset. It’s a new beginning, so take the time you need to find the balance you want.