Even though it’s only March, it’s inevitably spring. It’s a great time for renewal and fresh starts. One of the often overlooked places is our products themselves.

I began making the #switchtosafer with Beautycounter last year. It’s been an eye opening process to say the least- the more I looked into the ingredients in my personal care products and cosmetics, the more I realized how potentially harmful they were. It got me fired up to make a change. I’ve written about why I chose Beautycounter on the blog before and I’m reminded of those reasons almost every day. Best decision to date.

Somewhere along the line, I also began to look at other parts of my life and realizing just how many other places I was exposed to potentially harmful chemicals. The bucket of cleaning products under the sink for example. There are tons of great resources online on how to clean your house without chemicals- and I encourage you to check them out. A company that I recently stumbled upon is Norwex the mop has been a life saver- cuts down on waste from the swiffer, cleans the floor with water, easy for everyone to use. Water alone doesn’t leave a film on my hardwood floors, and I can hand it over to my two year old daughter and she can “help.”

It’s crazy that in this day and age, when government seems involved in too much of our business, that these products are regulated by less than two pages of legislation. That our homes are full of chemicals that are proven to be hazardous to our health. The only way to make a change is to do it yourself- make safer choices, support businesses that align with your values, and spend your consumer dollars where it matters. Just this morning, Dunkin Donuts announced that they are removing artificial coloring from its food and drinks by the end of the year.

Companies are starting to listen to the wants of the consumer. Our efforts are part of a bigger movement that’s going to have amazing results.

Comment on this post if you have questions about how you can make the #switchtosafer in your own life- it’s my mission and I’m here to help!