Life is a series of best efforts. You do your best to exercise, eat well, recycle, reduce the chemicals in your home, engage with your family and learn something every day. Thing is, some days are better than others. It’s a journey, not a destination.

There will be days you eat at Wendy’s, throw away all the wrappers, plop the baby in front of the TV and lie on the sofa until you both fall asleep.

Then, there will be days you shop at the co-op, refresh your Beautycounter supplies, make lunch from scratch out of organic or homegrown produce while reading books in a second language to your baby.

But for each day that you take even one small step towards your goal, you’ll make progress.

For me, it was reusable shopping bags. Now, everyone knows to use them- plastic bags are horrible etc etc etc, but until recently, I just couldn’t get in the habit. I had all sorts of bags trying to find the ones that would inspire me. I’d get to the register and think, “damn, forgot the bags again” and pack as much as I could in the bags to feel a little better about it. I made the decision as part of my new years resolutions to start menu planning and spending less on better groceries. I decided to make Aldi my first stop. Aldi doesn’t have bags, but they have great prices on better food. I’d love to see more local food, but farmers markets are aplenty in my area. So guess what- now, bringing my own bags is a habit. It’s awkward to carry groceries one by one to the car…

Just today, I went to CVS (they have coupons and seventh generation diapers). I forgot to bring a bag. I wasn’t fast enough to say no to a bag, and admittedly had a few too many small items to just carry out (including Alice). So I took one bag. Oh well. I’ll use it for the cat litter.

I’m doing my best. It’s not perfect. I’m slowly trading wasteful and chemical filled products for reusable and safer options. I bring my own coffee cup to work and refill it instead of using paper. I accept a paper cup if I end up through a drive through, or I skip it (also a good way to save money… how much coffee do you need…well, that’s a whole post). I’ve switched my personal care products to safer options with Beautycounter , but continue to struggle to bring my husband 100% on board (though I did just point out his shaving cream (for sensitive skin no less) has PROPANE in it… I might make some progress on that one soon).

I’ve stopped buying paper towels. I’ve invested in Norwex through a friend of mine (find out more of what I love here). We have more dish towels than I can shake a stick at. Let’s use and wash those. Now that we’re getting out of the habit, I might sneak a few rolls in and hide them for the inevitable animal accident. It happens and it’s too much.

I love the quote from Maya Angelou above:

Do the best you can until you know better. When when you know better, do better.

That’s all we’re trying to do here folks. It won’t be perfect. But keep trying.




*The links above are not affiliate links- I’m a proud Beautycounter consultant and your purchases made through those links support my family, this blog and the #betterbeauty movement.  My mission is to educate others so the next generation might not have to worry about PROPANE in shaving cream and carcinogens in your baby shampoo. I would love to share more or guide you towards cleaning up your products- just comment below or send me a message!