Perhaps my minimalist preferences for makeup are because I’ve never been overly confident in my application skills. Growing up a bit of a tomboy, I spent hours building things out of sticks and not working on the perfect blended eyeshadow or contouring. I’ve come to appreciate makeup as something that enhances your natural beauty, not something that completely changes your entire look (though if you want it too, it certainly can!). This blog is not the place to go for how to look like someone else- I believe in looking like the best version of you. Considering they say write what you know… let’s dive in to today’s post.

A key to a less is more flawless makeup look is the base. It doesn’t matter how flawless the application is if your skin is in trouble or your attitude is in the dumps. Now, can a swipe of mascara on a day you’d rather stay in bed lift your mood? Absolutely. Will is make you look chipper when your grandmother just died? No. Ever since I got serious about drinking water and taking care of my basic nutrition (Check out WIN– it’s been a lifesaver for me as a busy mom), my skin looks refreshed and supple when I first get up in the morning. Any makeup I add is a bonus.

A strong base should be washed in the morning and at night. At night, it’s very important to wash away the stress of the day and all the crap that accumulates on your face over the day- think sweat, smog particles, dead skin- on second thought, don’t think about it too much, just go with me on this one. I shower at night (though not every night) and use a charcoal bar and a nourishing exfoliator. The two step process really cleans my face and only takes a few extra seconds in the shower. Outside of the shower, a cleansing balm is a great and easy option- clean and moisturize all at once. It can seem strange because it’s a new way to clean, but it really does work. It’s nice to mix it up as well- different ways to clean clean differently- think a broom versus a vacuum- both clean the floors well, but differently.

In the morning, it’s important to quickly wash away all the renewed skin (our bodies are amazing and do most of the healing and renewal while we’re sleeping. I’m more rushed in the morning- so I focus on a quick wash with a cream cleanserThis gives my face a fresh canvas and allows my face oil to absorb evenly and get to work. If you’re not a fan of face oils, get on the band wagon! I made the change a few months ago and haven’t looked back. combined with night cream, layered under sunscreen or foundation, alone- my skin has never looked better.

OK, OK- what actually makes the look? I’m a fan of Beautycounter’s Dew Skin shade number 2 works for me in the winter- 3 is the ticket in the summer. With built in SPF, this leaves my face moisturized, protected and evened out. A few spots of concealerblend, a touch of cream blushswipe of mascara and out the door. Here’s the thing- when you use quality products that are free of harmful chemicals and ultimately good for your skin, you need less, your have fewer steps to take, fewer decisions in the morning when you’re rushed to catch the toddler, find clean clothes for the both of you and get out the door.

Beautycounter did the work for me- they researched the ingredients, made sure they are safe and high performing, and don’t use any ingredients off their 1500+ ingredient Never List– ingredients banned in other countries and generally thought to be unsafe to use that will never appear in their products. With a full line for the whole family, I don’t need to spend time comparing or looking for safer alternatives- I can shop with confidence. I can keep my routine simple, feel great about the products I’m using on myself and my family. I can confidently let my natural beauty shine through. I’ve never felt or looked better.