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Travel Must Haves- What do you pack?

Vegas. What a trip. I headed west for corporate meetings earlier this week and saw more t & a than I ever expected just out in the street. We also went skiing (that's what the meetings were about...), ate amazing... Continue Reading →

Jazz Up Your Look and Rock This Fall

It happened the other day. That first morning with a hint of fall. Some look at this with dread- summer is almost over... others (like me) love fall. I love the crisp air, the cozy clothes and the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Makeup Monday- Spring Cleaning

Spring has finally sprung in Vermont. We've had a lot of this: But things seem to be settling. Or at least at the time of writing... We'll see. Anyway, as you know, a key to flawless makeup and skin... Continue Reading →

Makeup Monday-Why Less is More

Perhaps my minimalist preferences for makeup are because I've never been overly confident in my application skills. Growing up a bit of a tomboy, I spent hours building things out of sticks and not working on the perfect blended eyeshadow... Continue Reading →

Makeup Monday: Lead in your Lipstick

The US banned lead in paint in 1978. The US had yet to ban lead in lipstick. Recently, the FDA at least did some testing and put the rumors to rest that it was just a urban legend. In fact,... Continue Reading →

Makeup Monday: The Ugly Truth

Please take three minutes to watch this video: This folks, is unacceptable. Lead? Arsenic? Asbestos? On your skin EVERY DAY??! This video highlights all the reasons I passionately support Beautycounter- not only are the products amazing, but the mission to... Continue Reading →

Makeup Monday: The No Makeup Makeup Look

There are 23 million google results for "no makeup look." I'd venture to say it's a semi-popular topic... I didn't read all 23 million results, but of the too many I read, most had the following advice in common. Start... Continue Reading →

Makeup Monday-Valentine’s Looks

Valentine's Day- you either love it (ha!) or hate it...luckily for you, both reasons are great reasons to up your makeup look. I still get grossed out when I think about how many toxic chemicals are found in products we... Continue Reading →

Makeup Monday- Treat your Canvas Right

We all use makeup for different reasons. Hopefully those reasons are internal- it makes you feel good to highlight your best features or it makes you feel pulled together and ready to face the day. Sadly, often the reasons we... Continue Reading →

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