Valentine’s Day- you either love it (ha!) or hate it…luckily for you, both reasons are great reasons to up your makeup look. I still get grossed out when I think about how many toxic chemicals are found in products we assume are safe, but luckily there are great companies like Beautycounter working to enact stricter laws governing the safety of cosmetics while simultaneously offering us great options. Keep reading for my favorite picks to up your look for Valentine’s day- either for that special someone, the same old someone, or yourself. As I’ve said before, taking care of yourself first is one of the most important things we do.

So I never used to be a lip person- it took until very recently to feel like I could rock a red lip. One thing that always bothered me was how traditional lipsticks feel- never quite right. Now chapstick- that’s something I couldn’t live without… all my winter jackets had a chapstick in them. I’ve now moved on to our lip conditioner, but that’s not pink, so moving on… Beautycounter’s Lip Sheers are amazing- not lead or other heavy metals- there are a bunch of stats out there, but the average woman probably eats four pounds of lipstick in her lifetime- eeew! Have you ever thought what chemicals it must take to make those all day wear lipsticks? I’d much rather reapply a safer product. There are beautiful options in all sorts of colors, including beautiful pinks and rich reds. Did you see the Be Mine Gift set? Grab a Ruby lip gloss and a special edition Côte Nail Polish- $47 value for $38! It’s a limited edition, so grab it T O D A Y!

5-0So cheeks- I’ve been known to botch blush, especially in my younger years… I’ve gotten much better, in part because I learned to contour- a little caramel cream blush just under my cheekbones makes them pop without looking overdone. The magical thing about the cream blush- it’s great on eyes and lips too… don’t want to bring a lot of product with you on a quick trip? Throw this in your bag and off you go! A light pink brushed over my cheekbones adds just enough of a flush of color for those times I want to highlight as well. Both are awesome options and come in a wide range of shades (and lots of pretty pinks!)

6-0The last two awesome pink products to touch on tonight are the Rosewater Mist and the eyeshadows- I have hazel eyes and am usually drawn to purples. I love the Oyster/Amethyst featured in this image, but I’m also finding myself grabbing the Peach/Bronze combo for a lighter look. I’m loving the subtle femininity a soft pink eyeshadow offers- and don’t worry, these aren’t the neon pinks of the 80s, though if you can rock it, more power to you! The Rosewater mist is really only pink because of the bottle, but the light rose smell and refreshing moisturizing are the perfect thing to set makeup or refresh your spirits in the mid-afternoon slump.

To guarantee your Valentine’s treats will arrive by Valentine’s day, hop on over to , shop the Love is in the Air social at the top of the page, and drop your favorites in your cart by 1:00 EST. Sounds like a perfect lunchtime project to me!