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Jazz Up Your Look and Rock This Fall

It happened the other day. That first morning with a hint of fall. Some look at this with dread- summer is almost over... others (like me) love fall. I love the crisp air, the cozy clothes and the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Too Busy? Stressed? These Proven Life Hacks Will Save the Day

Busy is a mindset. Busy is not an end goal. Being more stressed than your co-workers doesn't make you a better employee. It doesn't make you happier. Taking time to organize your life, take care of yourself and see the forest for the trees lets you keep that vacation feeling all year long.

Makeup Monday: The No Makeup Makeup Look

There are 23 million google results for "no makeup look." I'd venture to say it's a semi-popular topic... I didn't read all 23 million results, but of the too many I read, most had the following advice in common. Start... Continue Reading →

Makeup Monday-Valentine’s Looks

Valentine's Day- you either love it (ha!) or hate it...luckily for you, both reasons are great reasons to up your makeup look. I still get grossed out when I think about how many toxic chemicals are found in products we... Continue Reading →

Makeup Monday-Brighter Smiles

Makeup and your teeth? Have I gone nuts? No... stick with me. The lipstick color you choose can change how people perceive the color of your teeth. Now, if your teeth are a mess to start, just changing your lipstick... Continue Reading →

60 Second Face

So today was one of those days. My daughter woke up around 4 hacking and sniffling and generally miserable. Awesome. Not. We had things to do and places to be, so after heading downstairs so Dad could at least sleep... Continue Reading →

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