There are 23 million google results for “no makeup look.” I’d venture to say it’s a semi-popular topic… I didn’t read all 23 million results, but of the too many I read, most had the following advice in common.

  • Start with a clean face- I use a charcoal bar  and a light exfoliator  in the shower and a cream cleanser when I wash my face at night. During the winter, due to dryness and time, I’ve focused on a good face wash at night and wash in the morning when I have time or feel like I’m in danger of a break out. The great thing about quality products is they last forever- a pea sized amount washes my face and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and supple.
  • Step two- moisturize. If you haven’t made the leap to a face oil yet, all I can say id get on the bandwagon!! Right now, this Soothing Face Oil is my favorite, but the Hydrating and Balancing are also in the rotation. Once a day I add a few drops of face oil to my day cream or night cream and anytime I’m feeling a little dry, I pat a few drops on by themselves. Moisturized skin is youthful skin. Don’t neglect to drink at least half your body weight in water every day. Being dehydrated takes its toll on your skin that no amount of makeup can overcome.
  • Once you’ve taken care of your base, apply your sunscreen and foundation, or grab a tinted moisturizer with SPF. Skipping the SPF is not an option.
  • Use concealer on the remaining trouble spots.
  • Highlight with a cream blush– a good cream blush can also triple as eye shadow and lip color- making it a true work horse of your makeup collection.
  • Keep your eyes light- I opt for nude shadows with a thin violet eyeliner and of course mascara.wp-1477863507678.jpg
  • Lastly, don’t forget your lips- the average woman eats four pounds of lipstick in her lifetime, so choose quality lip color that’s also safe… the Beautycounter Lip Sheers are amazing and free of endocrine system disrupting chemicals and known carcinogens. Did you know a lot of lipstick still contains lead? Yeah, wow.

Remember, true natural beauty comes from the inside- if you are happy and healthy your beauty will shine through.