I never really thought of myself as beautiful. I still don’t spend that much time thinking about it, but am slowly starting to believe that while Ford Models is unlikely to sign me, I have a a beauty all my own and that should be celebrated.

Here’s the thing- you too are beautiful. You have an inner beauty that you can celebrate and allow to shine through that matches or surpasses any physical characteristics that may or may not meet society’s intense standards. You have the power to take care of yourself- drink half your body weight in water every day, sleep well, cover your nutritional needsand pursue your passions in a way that reduces stress and increases fulfillment.

So much of your true beauty comes from within. It comes from living your values. It comes from lending your voice to missions you believe in. Ironically, it took until I took the plunge and started working with Beautycountera company that I was initially intimidated to work for because I didn’t think I could hang with the beautiful women who invited me in, to realize that beauty is more than the reflection in the mirror.

I started taking better care of myself because I realized it made me happy. I added amazing supplements to my morning routine and feel energized from the inside out. I take a few minutes a day to myself in the bathroom while my toddler plays with her dad. Once a week, I take an extra 10 minutes to do a charcoal mask. I’ve surrounded myself with an amazing group of women who support me and cheer me on.

Through connection with an amazing community I’ve been able to really see my true beauty and confidently go forward to help others find theirs. I hope to help you find your true beauty. Shoot me a message and let’s work together to lift each other up.