Makeup and your teeth? Have I gone nuts? No… stick with me.

The lipstick color you choose can change how people perceive the color of your teeth.

Now, if your teeth are a mess to start, just changing your lipstick isn’t going to change anything. I recently switched toothpaste from a chemical laced, whitening brand that I loved but once I learned that it was full of petrochemicals, couldn’t imagine putting in my mouth again, to something that has pronounceable ingredients. It’s the whitening version, but doesn’t do quite as well as traditional toothpaste. Solution- a swish of hydrogen peroxide a few times a week. Keep it simple- frequency and quality of brushing is important- take a few minutes to really cover all the quadrants of your mouth and all the nooks.

There also some great DIY natural whitening pastes to consider- I’m going to try this one next: two tablespoons melted coconut oil, one tablespoon baking soda and five activated charcoal capsules. Combine well, let cool, use before brushing with toothpaste a few times a week (invest in a second toothbrush for this purpose). Charcoal and oil are my favorite skin care products- check out these great skin care options: Charcoal Bar and Face Oil– these are both game changers for me. Beautiful makeup is easier with a clean canvas.

Back to the lip color- consider this image:


Look for shades that have a hint of blue- Blue and Yellow are opposite on the color wheel, so the blue in the lip color will counteract the yellow on your teeth, leaving them seeming whiter.

I love a nude lip- especially one that also moisturizes. These lip sheers are amazing. I especially love the Plum for a bolder look that leaves my teeth looking white, or for everyday wear, Twig for a nude look and Terra for a little hint of pink. All three have blue or purple undertones and look great on all skin tones and highlight beautiful teeth.

If you’re focusing on a bold lip, tone down your eyes- I pair a bold lip with a simple slightly winged liner in violet (to highlight my hazel eyes (see the chart above) and a few coats of lengthening mascara.

A last note- any makeup will look better on healthy, hydrated skin. One of the things that made the biggest difference for me was doubling my water intake. I invested in a nice stainless steel water bottle that I enjoy using, and I set a water goal each day. On an active day I might drink more, but I always have my minimum. Combined with making sure I’m eating well and getting the nutrition I need means there are days I don’t wear makeup at all. Makeup should be something you enjoy adding, not something that you feel you need as a mask. Take care of yourself and your natural beauty will shine through!