Oh Motherhood. Sometimes amazing, sometimes not. Some days your little ray of sunshine fills your heart with joy and you can’t remember life before you were a mom. Some days you hide in the bathroom wishing you hadn’t left the rest of the wine downstairs.

I would’t say I’m a neat freak, but I’d like to be neater. I’m currently working on selling, donating, or tossing all the stuff in our house that has no meaning, brings no joy, doesn’t fit and generally takes up space that I feel overwhelmed trying to keep clean. Then this happens:


Here love, enjoy this organic pouch of snack I bought you instead of buying myself a fancy coffee. Oh yes, you’re right, it’s best when it’s ground into the rug.

Damn it. Where are the dogs? There’s mess on the floor…

Life with kids is not perfect. Pinterest is a dream world (that I love) full of things to aspire to, but life is in the messy bits. It’s in the boogery snuggles, the cold wet french fry you’re lovingly fed by your toddler. It’s in the peace at night when everyone else is sleeping.

It’s important through all these little struggles that you don’t lose track of you. I’m working on investing in products and routines that leave more time for playing with our food and less time searching for the right thing to wear or the lipstick that’s a little different shade than the one we have in our hand- you know, the one that makes our teeth seem whiter because you don’t have time four mouthwash right now. Simplifying our skin care routine, makeup, clothes, cleaning products, furniture, household goods and other things in our life will leave more room for play and snuggles. And mess, probably lots more mess…

Quality over quantity.

Need help making the Switch to Safer skin care products, finding better nutritional balance or someone to vent to when your toddler feeds the nice lunch you made to the dogs? Comment below or shoot me an email!