My friend Trish is amazing. A true mompreneur, she recently launched a new coaching program- her College of Confidence  that from what I’ve seen so far is going to lift up the students and help bring business and dreams to new heights. I strongly encourage you to check it out- for less than a cup of coffee a day, you’ll have access to Trish and her infinite wisdom on how to change your mindset and live a confident, full life.

Confidence can be a tricky thing. Too often we lack it, and if we feel do confident, especially as women, it can be tricky to show your confidence without feeling others are judging you for being too bold, too matter of fact, too aggressive. I’ve been called that and worse, and it took me down a few pegs at the time until I had time to really think about it. Confidence is a beautiful thing, and I’ve gained so much from listening to Trish’s Confidence on the Go Podcast. The thing that helped me the most is her belief in having an abundance mindset. Too often we look at the world and ask ourselves “who would want to buy my product/ shop in my store/ take my class?” and that alone keeps us from taking the plunge that can lead to amazing opportunities.

I was hesitant to start an online business because I believed I didn’t know enough people, that no one would care about my cause, and it would be an embarrassing failure. Then I considered taking the opposite stance- that the mission of my company was one that I care about regardless of the financial opportunities, I in fact know  thousands of people or have the capacity to, and that this was an opportunity to turn an excuse into an action. House isn’t clean enough to have people over to discuss the mission? Clean it up and invite them anyway, or meet online! Truth is, as a new mom, I doubt anyone actually expects to walk into a Pinterest board when they come over, so feed the pizza crusts to the dogs and open the bottle of wine- you have a mission to focus on!

Some are skeptical of network marketing, but isn’t it what we do every day? Loved the movie? Post to Facebook. Had a great meal at a restaurant, share with your coworkers. Believe in getting safer products in the hands of everyone? Share Beautycounter with others. Trish’s confidence in me, in my ability to launch a business, and her unwavering support has in fact boosted my confidence and sowed the seed for not only growing my online business, but trickled over into my brick and mortar 9-5 as well.

Check out her offerings, and let her help you dig deep and find the confidence to boldly go forward and chase whatever goals are out there.