What a trip.

Better Beauty Vermont Vegas from above
The View From the High Roller

I headed west for corporate meetings earlier this week and saw more t & a than I ever expected just out in the street. We also went skiing (that’s what the meetings were about…), ate amazing food, brainstormed great ideas and didn’t get much sleep.

Yeah- skiing in Vegas- check it out! Lee Canyon is an off the grid, high in the mountains ski area for people who want to get away from it all and enjoy even more of what Vegas has to offer.

Better Beauty Vermont Lee Canyon
Check out Lee Canyon!

Thing is, when you’re only going for two days, it seems silly to check a bag. I’m quite proud of fitting ski boots, all the assorted clothing, plus clothing for meetings and nightlife into a carry on bag and my usual messenger bag. How did I do it? Well, everything must have a purpose, go together and have multiple uses. The only thing that didn’t get two uses were the underpants. There are limits… it also helps that “corporate ski meetings” involve wearing your ski clothes after touring the resort in the morning, and jeans, flannel shirts and flip flops to follow… no suits required.

A key to it is to bring multi use and quality skin care and makeup…

Here’s what made the cut-

Click the links to pick up your own! Cleansing balm does it all- great at removing makeup, can serve as a mask if your skin gets really dry and is a solid, so it doesn’t count against your limited ounces. Dew Skin has spf 20, light and moisturizing coverage. Keep the makeup look simple with safer eye makeup. You don’t want harmful chemicals in your eyes do you?

Concealer is a no brainer- we all need that… so is eye cream. I also love the rejuvenating eye cream, but the Nourishing fit better in my carrying case. Lame, I know. Countermatch sold out in less than 24 hours when it first launched. Why? It’s that good. Great for all skin types, lasts all day, made up for the dry desert air. Cleansing balm at night, Countermatch in the morning- this could easily be your at home routine too!

Better Beauty Vermont Lip Sheers and Gloss
Can you pick just one?


Oh, and throw your favorite lip color in your pocket… it’s amazing how a swipe of the right color can just bring your whole look together!

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