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Travel Must Haves- What do you pack?

Vegas. What a trip. I headed west for corporate meetings earlier this week and saw more t & a than I ever expected just out in the street. We also went skiing (that's what the meetings were about...), ate amazing... Continue Reading →

Counterman! You deserve a safe shave.

Guys- I realize it might be a hard sell to convince you that a company with Beauty in the name is also looking out for you, but I'm going to give it a try. All of the health conditions potentially... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Considerations for Winter Skin

November. Often called Stick Season in Vermont. Cold, but not winter yet. Leaves are gone. Snow isn't here yet. Gardens are dying. Skin is drying out... Oh the plus side? It's cozy sweater season. Cute boots. Leggings. Scarves. Hats over... Continue Reading →

Countermatch! Yes!

I love launch days- and yesterday was no different. We've been waiting anxiously for the rest of the Countermatch collection and here we are! I use the moisturizer every day and my skin has never been better. Why all the... Continue Reading →

Buy One, Give One- Make a Difference!

No secret here- Beautycounter is my go to company for everything personal care. The quality of the products with the unparalleled attention to safety are a one two punch that leaves everything else in the dust. Then they come out... Continue Reading →

My Travel Must Haves- What’s in Your Carry On?

One of the things that makes efficient travel really possible is high quality, multi use items. Classic dark wash jeans, white shirts (though now most traveling is done with a toddler, so not so much...). My skincare is no exception.

Frustrated by Acne? Solution- Give me all the Charcoal!

So I'm going to share some honest truth. I'm a grown up. I have a husband. A mortgage. A kid. I still breakout. All. The. Damn. Time. I've changed my diet some, doubled my water intake (which helps) and I... Continue Reading →

Strut your stuff!

Far too often, especially those of us who are moms, downplay our own importance. Our own good looks. We take pictures of our husbands or partners and our kids and don't insist on having them turn the camera on us. We hide behind our kids ashamed of our mom bodies and imperfect, probably dirty (thanks kid), clothes. We deserve to be in the picture. We deserve to take the time we need to feel great about ourselves. We deserve to strut our stuff.

Makeup Monday- Spring Cleaning

Spring has finally sprung in Vermont. We've had a lot of this: But things seem to be settling. Or at least at the time of writing... We'll see. Anyway, as you know, a key to flawless makeup and skin... Continue Reading →

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