If you’re anything like me, you looked in the mirror one day and much to your surprise realized you were no longer 18 with a dewy smooth complexion.

invest in skin

Luckily for me, Beautycounter has solutions for that not only cleanse and prevent the inevitable signs of aging, but treat them as well.

The products in the Brightening Collection (#1)  are perfect for reawakening dull skin, reducing the appearance of age spots and evening tone. The vitamin C is amazing- it tingles a little when you first apply the mask, but there is a notable difference after the first use of the mask. The oil is for everyday brightening and the mist is the perfect everyday pick me up. Available individually or as part of a set for about a 10% savings, this set is front and center in my treatment routine.

Look, getting older is better than the alternative- I look forward to my birthday every year. That doesn’t mean we can’t eat well and take good care of our skin. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a little spa time from the comfort of your own home?