I am always a little jealous of one of my Facebook friends- she started an amazing non-profit and travels the world making a difference. There’s a lot of talk these days about living your passions and finding your purpose. Quite frankly, it’s a little intimidating. I’m not entirely sure what or if I have one single thing that’s supposed to consume me and change the world.

As a take a step back and reflect, I suppose I am in the business of making a difference. One could argue that teaching skiing or running a snow sports school doesn’t change the world, but it certainly changes the world in a small way (and sometimes a big way!) for our students. It gives them a new sense of accomplishment and self that inevitably spills out into the rest of their lives. Maybe teaching someone to ski or snowboard will inspire a new found confidence that will lead to a cure for cancer.

My other job, because no one in Vermont has just one, is an educator with Beautycounter. I truly believe that our efforts will make the world a better place for the next generation. Not only does Beautycounter make a difference in the short term for my family’s health and finances, I’m leading by example- showing Alice that every small choice you make can have a ripple effect, positively or negatively, on your life. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to think that the mascara you wear or the shampoo you use will matter, but that little difference over a lifetime becomes a big difference.

I’d love to share more- shoot me a quick message using the form below and I’ll fill you in on the three ways you can make a difference.