I don’t get to travel that often, but when I do, one of the things I most enjoy is the packing. Mind you, my bags stay packed long after I return home because I’m not great about unpacking, but I love making the list of all the things I need, streamlining the outfits, keeping it fun without hauling a bunch of stuff.

I once went to corporate ski meetings with one boot bag and a purse. I wore different outfits all three days, including ski gear. The guys I travelled with each had large duffel bags of ski stuff, plus street clothes, wore none of it, and I helped them lug their bags through the airport… it was a defining moment in my quest for efficient travel.

One of the things that makes efficient travel really possible is high quality, multi use items. Classic dark wash jeans, white shirts (though now most traveling is done with a toddler, so not so much…). My skincare is no exception.

For that reason, I just have to share the big winners from my most recent trip. I flew from Rutland Vermont to Tampa Florida for an important wedding. If you’ve ever flown out of a small regional airport, you know that they not only weigh your bags, but they weigh you as well. Well, they ask how much you weigh and let’s just say it’s a good time to be honest. The key in my case was to be carry on friendly.

Better Beauty Vermont Cape Air flight

I love our new eye makeup remover but at 4.23 oz, it stayed home. My trusty cleansing balm made the trip (I took the target sized jar) and removing my makeup at the end of an epic night of reconnecting with my dearest friends was a cinch.

Dew skin for day (spf! A must in Florida!), tint skin for night, concealer for both. The Winter Jewels Palette was perfect for all the color- one thing to bring, endless combinations and with its own mirror it made the tiny cottage bathroom mirror an option- not a necessity. Don’t forget the mascara and you’re not only ready to dance the night away, but your skin is going to be better for it. (Check out my makeup here!)

Better Beauty Vermont Gulf of Mexico

The last thing you want to worry about on vacation is the stuff you brought. The goal should always be to have exactly what you need and for it to work out just right. That’s one of the things I love about Beautycounter -I don’t have to worry. I don’t have to wade through too many choices. I know anything I bring will not only perform, but will be better for my ski and my health. They’ve done the work so I don’t have to. The colors are going to look great on my skin. The coverage is going to last. The safety standards unmatched.

Better Beauty Vermont palm tree

Travel is good for your soul. Working with a company that affords me the time and means to travel and the products to make it an easy and quality experience is priceless. I’m so glad I took the job with Beautycounter. I’m so glad I’m taking the time I need for myself. To reconnect with the people who are important to me. To step back from the email pings and to do lists that try to drive my life.

Better Beauty Vermont Florida Head shot

What are your travel must haves? What places and people are good for your soul? What are you doing to accomplish those goals? Let’s chat in the comments!