Hey you- yes, you- reading (or skimming by) right now- you’re beautiful. You’re rocking this Monday. Regardless of whether or not you actually put pants on before you left the house or if you managed to take a few minutes and put your face on (as they say- do people say that?), you showed up today and are doing your best.

You’re like the chicken above- your feathers are yours, take it or leave it, and you are entitled to strut your stuff.

Far too often, especially those of us who are moms, downplay our own importance. Our own good looks. We take pictures of our husbands or partners and our kids and don’t insist on having them turn the camera on us. We hide behind our kids ashamed of our mom bodies and imperfect, probably dirty (thanks kid), clothes.

We deserve to be in the picture. We deserve to take the time we need to feel great about ourselves. We deserve to strut our stuff.

This is one of the things I’m slowly learning through my partnership with Beautycounter.  My skin looks and feels amazing, so with my new found confidence, I’m beginning to really see myself in a different light. I’m beginning to remember I’m more than a mom- I’m a woman. I managed to snag a very handsome husband all on my own. I’ve had people compliment me. It’s an amazingly powerful feeling.

I encourage you to start doing the same. Give and take compliments graciously. Take a few minutes for yourself now and then. Let the dishes stay in the sink to enjoy a spa night in your own home. Date your spouse. Strut your stuff. You deserve it.