Spring has finally sprung in Vermont. We’ve had a lot of this:

But things seem to be settling. Or at least at the time of writing… We’ll see.

Anyway, as you know, a key to flawless makeup and skin is a good base. Hydrated and exfoliated skin allows you to apply makeup evenly, and allows products to flawlessly cover. We’re generally good about taking good care of our faces, but as summer approaches, don’t neglect the skin on your body!

After a long winter, there’s nothing I like better than a good salt or sugar scrub. I love the Lemongrass Sugar Scrub from Beautycounter and the Activated Charcoal Detox Scrub from Little Seed FarmA word of caution- both leave your shower floor slippery due to the amazing oils, so I only scrub when I’m alone in the shower- the last thing I want is for my toddler to get going too fast and end up crashing in spectacular fashion in the shower. She does that enough outside, I don’t need to add to her obstacles.

Even if you only use a scrub every once in a while, there’s no reason to use one that contains harmful chemicals or plastic micro beads. These two scrubs are good for your skin, come from small, environmentally friendly companies and work wonders on dry skin. Spring is a time for renewal- invest in fresh, luminous skin and you’ll feel great all summer!