Raising a little human is hard work. So many needs, so little time. Don’t forget your needs either- you can’t do anything if you’re not taking care of yourself.

Now that summer is here (almost) and we’re getting into new routines, I’m finding consistency is key.  I’ve been getting up as close to the same time each morning and doing my thirty minute yoga class on YouTube, making my Daily Lift and watching the news before the family gets up. This simple routine sets me up for a successful day.

It’s important to be consistent with my daughter. This is proving more difficult. She’s got so much going on in her head it’s amazing to see. She gets up at a pretty consistent time, and breakfast is followed by playing until errands in town and coming home to collapse for a multi-hour nap after lunch.I realize I’m amazingly lucky in this regard- her nap time is the perfect time to do follow ups with my Beautycounter clients and  iron out strategies for business growth.

It’s also a great time to take my own nap or work on my personal growth. I’m participating in an amazing group- the College of Confidence and recently discovered Edx– free online classes from amazing professors, including some from my Alma Mater- Davidson College. It’s important to stay connected to things outside the home once in a while… you were someone before you were someone’s mom!

Look, some days will be easier than others, and we’ve all heard the cliche that nothing is more consistent than change itself, but seek to curate a life that fulls your days with small things that fill your heart with joy. Engage in a job that allows you time and energy to do what you truly desire to do. If those are the same, even better! If you work from home, be sure to design your day to include productive work time and quality family time. Consistent effort that seeks progress, not perfection is the route to take.

Comment below to share your struggles with consistency or balance- I’d love to hear what others struggle with or ways you’ve managed the chaos!