Readiness is a fine line. No one wants to feel unprepared and foolish, but the reality is, the timing will never be perfect for anything meaningful you want to do with your life.

If you wait until you have the perfect job, perfect finances, perfect house and perfect body to start a family- it might be too late.

If you wait until you have mastered every skill needed to get your dream job, it may have gone to someone else.

If you wait to ask for a raise until everything is perfect, the money might go to someone else.

If you wait to start your own business until everything is perfect, you’ll be waiting your whole life.

There will always be something that’s not ready. Don’t let that stop you. This is a lesson I learn from my daughter almost every day.

I launched this blog and my Beautycounter business on vacation in Maine. I didn’t have any products to share or reliable internet, but I was so moved to start educating others and sharing the mission I couldn’t wait. I had a one year old, was working several jobs and never considered myself a “beauty” person. I wasn’t ready, but I dove in and love it. It’s had a major impact on my family and I love being part of a bigger social mission.

The only thing waiting does is delay your results. If you wait to start a family, you have less of your life to share with your kids. If you don’t get your dream job until later in life, you have less time to work that dream before retirement. If you don’t ask for the raise, you miss all those months or years of wages.

Diving in can be scary. It can also lead to amazing transformation.

Part of my mission with this blog is to encourage others to get involved in projects and businesses that inspire them. If you’d like to learn more about working at home, being your own boss, and diving in, please contact me and let’s chat.

You’ll never be 100% ready for anything, so why not jump in now and have the biggest impact you can?