Do you ever feel stuck? Like a hamster in a wheel? Like you’re putting all this great effort into whatever you’re doing with no results? That you keep trying and trying with the same results?

Take an honest look at yourself- are you actually going for it? Are you approaching things all in? Are you taking a no holds barred, in it to win it attitude, or are you secretly hedging you bets? Seeing how it goes? Avoiding risk to avoid embarrassment?

Stop it.

Look at my daughter in this photo above- does that look like someone with any inhibitions? Is she holding back to avoid making a mistake or embarrassing herself? Hardly. That hill she’s running down with reckless abandon is more serious than it seems in this photo. I would pay attention if I ran down it.

The lesson here- she’s going for it. She’s living her life to the fullest. Does she know about heartache and failure and embarrassment? No, but she will. Will that stop her from putting her all in to everything she does? I hope not.

If you’re not scared or taking risks, your dream isn’t big enough. I say go for IT- whatever it is, put your heart into it and only good things can come of it.