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Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better~Maya Angelou


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Take Massive Action and Make a Difference. Or Take One Small Step.

As a mom, I realized that what I do every day not only affects my life, but it also shapes the next generation. No pressure or anything. The food I buy, the products I use to occasionally clean my house,... Continue Reading →

Baby Registry Essentials: What you really need!

I've learned a lot since my first baby- As I attempt to clean out the house before winter (eeek!), I'm finding hidden caches of baby stuff people gave us or I purchased that I never used and never needed... as we begin to contemplate adding to our family, I'm hoping to limit the amount of additional stuff that arrives along with a new addition.

Shop Small

Tomorrow is the Rutland Farmers' Market- I love this time of year in Vermont- access to fresh, local food free of questionable pesticides and ingredients, good people watching, and inspirational small businesses making it happen. One of my favorite spots... Continue Reading →

What if?

First off, WHAT IF your small choices really do make a big difference? WHAT IF every small #switchtosafer you made really did compile and add up (I believe it really does)? WHAT IF the fact that you are being mindful... Continue Reading →

Makeup Monday- Spring Cleaning

Spring has finally sprung in Vermont. We've had a lot of this: But things seem to be settling. Or at least at the time of writing... We'll see. Anyway, as you know, a key to flawless makeup and skin... Continue Reading →

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