As a mom, I realized that what I do every day not only affects my life, but it also shapes the next generation.

No pressure or anything.

The food I buy, the products I use to occasionally clean my house, the products I use on our skin, the sustainable changes I make and try to instill in others matter. I’m teaching my daughter every day.

Better Beauty Vermont Big Shoes to Fill- our children are our future, what are you doing to make the world a better place?Just like I’m passing my love for skiing down, I’m passing down my values. How I treat the environment. How well we eat. The quality of the things we buy. It all has an impact not only on our short term life, but on the choices she’ll make in the future.

I grew up just outside an outlet town. If it wasn’t at least 50% off, we probably didn’t buy it. Never mind all the tricks that outlets use (you do know no one ever actually paid $78.99 for those jeans right?), that was the mentality towards shopping. As I’ve aged, I’ve both learned those tricks, and come to appreciate things like cost per wear, quality over quantity and streamlining my closet to things that I actually wear. 80% off but never leaves the closet isn’t a bargain.

Better Beauty Vermont- This time it's personal- what are you waiting for? Make the #switchtosafer now!Look, changing that mindset is hard. People are wired to go with what they know. But now I know better, and I’m committed to making better, more sustainable choices and teaching my daughter to do the same. When I discovered the shocking truth that the personal care and cosmetics industry is basically unregulated and exposes us to potentially harmful chemicals every day, I knew I had to take massive action. I had to take the job and put my money where my mouth is. I had to share with others.


It’s time for you to take massive action. Or one small step. Up to you. Both are OK. What’s not OK is doing nothing. It’s not OK to show your kids that you’re complacent in how things are. Our health, our communities and our environnement can’t wait.

Check out this great promo. Stop using straws. Buy second hand or from a local business. Use safer products. Bring your own water bottle and coffee cup with you.

Every small step in the right direction matters. What step are you going to take?

Better Beauty Vermont Clean Swap- once you know better, you can do better... Better Beauty Vermont Beautycounter is more than beauty brand, it's a movement