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Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better~Maya Angelou


small steps

Take Massive Action and Make a Difference. Or Take One Small Step.

As a mom, I realized that what I do every day not only affects my life, but it also shapes the next generation. No pressure or anything. The food I buy, the products I use to occasionally clean my house,... Continue Reading →

Smart Power. Smart Choice.

Our choices matter. From high quality food, to safer skincare, to reducing our impact on the environment, every choice we make has an impact. My focus this past month was on our home. We are pretty efficient- while we still... Continue Reading →

Want Big Results? Start Small

Big, sweeping change is hard. If we crash diet, it comes back. If we try to go cold turkey on TV, we end up binge watching three shows the first rainy day. If we try to cut all sugar out... Continue Reading →

What if?

First off, WHAT IF your small choices really do make a big difference? WHAT IF every small #switchtosafer you made really did compile and add up (I believe it really does)? WHAT IF the fact that you are being mindful... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons from Skiing with my Little

My daughter is turning two in July. I didn't plan on putting her on skis until maybe next spring (when she'd be almost three). But as you may have guessed, that plan went flying out the window a few weeks... Continue Reading →


This time two years ago, our journey towards parenthood was just a tiny zygote. From that point on, I doubled my efforts to eat well, keep moving and generally take better care of my self for the months leading up... Continue Reading →

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