First off, WHAT IF your small choices really do make a big difference? WHAT IF every small #switchtosafer you made really did compile and add up (I believe it really does)? WHAT IF the fact that you are being mindful of your personal care products, your cosmetic products and your household cleaning products really extends your lifespan and helps prevent the onset of diseases? WHAT IF the decisions you make about your environmental exposure to toxins protects you from cancer or major metabolic disruption in the future? WHAT IF your little choices give you better choices for a longer, happier and healthier life?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live my life with negative WHAT IF’S, only positive ones, which is why this positive WHAT IF inspires me and drives me. WHAT IF we never stop and WHAT IF we really can change the face of health in the United States and Canada together through spreading education and through advocacy efforts for cosmetic reform? WHAT IF we can, because of the impact of our voices, cut the number of cancer cases in half? WHAT IF, because of our movement, we can reduce the number of women who battle infertility? WHAT IF, because of our demands for safer products, we can reverse the rise of autism diagnosis’s and ADHD? WHAT IF your voice is more powerful than you think it is?

We are more than beauty company, we are a movement.

Remember, it’s the small things that are actually big things. Your small choices make big differences, and your “small” amount of involvement in this movement can and will make a big impact! Never underestimate the power of small!

Check out Beautycounter , join our Facebook group and start turning those negative what ifs into positive ones!

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