Life as a new mother working from home is new to me. I’m getting used to it.

It’s a transition though. I work at least 50 hours a week all winter, so the transition from that to setting my own schedule is a big one. It’s welcome, but does come with the inevitable shift from feeling like an on all the time professional with meetings to go to and decisions to make to chasing the toddler, actually getting the house clean and working my business during nap time.

I was thinking back to the fall I had my baby with me in my office. Due to a recent transition at my winter job, I won’t get to enjoy the same support as I did with my first, but having my baby with me was really one of the most productive times in my career.

If you’ve heard of the Promodoro Techniqueit was like that. I had a routine. I’d lay my baby on the desk and nurse for 15 minutes while I caught up on email or did some quick research. Then we’d play for 20 minutes, then she’d nap for 45 minutes, sometimes an hour. She’d wake, eat, play and sleep all day and while she was sleeping, I was on fire. I got more done that fall than any other preseason. It was amazing.

Unfortunately, the people who supported me though that are no longer there, only to be replaced by folks who only see the black and white of the outdated company handbook.

Luckily, my toddler still naps, and while we don’t quite stick to the eat, play, sleep routine, I’m finding fulfillment in her sleeping hours. Finding Beautycounter and the social mission gives me purpose and connection I didn’t realize was missing. It’s so liberating to be my own boss and still contribute to my family’s finances.

Plus, working my own hours gives me time to share what I’ve learned with others. It lets me mentor others and share what I’ve learned about switching to safer products and building a business with others. If you’d like to learn more, check out my free eBook- Five Essential Secrets to Health and Happiness and feel free to shoot me an email– I’d love to share more of my journey!