Tomorrow is the Rutland Farmers’ Market– I love this time of year in Vermont- access to fresh, local food free of questionable pesticides and ingredients, good people watching, and inspirational small businesses making it happen.

One of my favorite spots is True North Juice Co, a mom owned, small batch, delicious company that’s in it for the right reasons. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram and if you have a chance to try some, just do it! They’re at the market in Rutland, in select stores in the area and at the rate their going, should be available everywhere soon.

I write this not as paid content, but rather as a show of support for the amazing people around me courageously starting their own businesses. Having recently started my own small business, I appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears that go into following your heart.

It’s easy to order from Amazon or swing into Walmart, but it’s meaningful to shop with people putting it all out there to bring you a quality product. And you know what- direct sales, network marketing, online, brick and mortar- all these kinds of businesses are supporting families and people you know, so trust that the person engaged in the business did the research and the business model they chose works for them. In today’s era of entrepreneurship, there are many ways to skin a cat…

Imagine if just one of your purchases each month was with a small business? What an impact you could have on your community!