This time two years ago, our journey towards parenthood was just a tiny zygote. From that point on, I doubled my efforts to eat well, keep moving and generally take better care of my self for the months leading up to the life changing events of parenthood. It was around this time a good friend of mine shared with me the startling statistics surrounding the personal care products I use every day.

Since then, it’s been a slow but steady process of switching not only my products but my mindset. At first there was denial. Then, it doesn’t apply to me- I don’t really use that stuff. Then there was an awakening- yes I do- I brush my teeth and wash my hair and cover the darkening bags under my eyes. I get dolled up for holidays and the rare times I found myself on TV or in front of large groups of people not wearing ski goggles.

I joined the local co-op. I’m found an organic mac and cheese that somehow maintains the same comforting faux orange color without the questionable ingredients. I’ve switched the products I use every day for myself and my family to safer alternatives.

But I’m by no means perfect. I realized today that I still use the cute Swedish plastic bowls Alice got as a gift to nuke her oatmeal or cook her egg in the morning. In my mind, they came from Sweden, they’re probably OK. This may or may not be true. When the dogs get a hold of them and put too many tooth marks in them, I replace them with glass (stainless is not good in the microwave and my mornings are not set up for stove top).  While I don’t plan on throwing out the last of my non-stick pots, when they go, I’ll replace them with safer alternatives. I can’t bring myself to buy all organic all the time. I’m still reinvesting in my Beautycounter business and after a summer being lightly employed, it won’t do much good to cook the organic food in the dark with no gas in the stove. This is probably my own hang up. My loving husband is fully employed with a grown up job with benefits and everything.

I constantly remind myself that investing in food and products that promote a healthy lifestyle and future wellness is ultimately one of my most important jobs as a wife and mother. When that stresses me out, I remember it’s also good for me. When I feel like I’ve made safe choices for myself, I do feel good. There are days I just want to eat candy corn and skip the real corn, and sometimes I do, but my imperfection doesn’t stop me from staying on the path. Small steps of continual progress.

If I can help you get started, please reach out in the comments or connect with meAnother thing I love about Beautycounter is the community of like minded women that lift me up and share their inspirational stories and struggles. It keeps everyone open and honest. Join me and do something that will make you feel better in the short and long term. All we have are the people in our lives and our health. Everything else is immaterial.