We had a quiet Valentine’s day here at the homestead. Just us girls (Dad was working).

Oh, did I share that just us girls included 43 chicks?

In the bathroom?

Well, it did.

We’re lucky here in Vermont to live lives very connected to the outdoors. Sustainability is important to me. So is conservation. While I’m not sure I’d have jumped in with this new chicken hatching business in the middle of winter, the idea of teaching our daughter the circle of life and responsibility of farm life at a young age is appealing. We have a responsibility to teach our children to care for the planet.

It’s one of the reasons I love that Beautycounter is a B-Corp. That the company committed to getting safer products in the hands of everyone is also committed to doing it in a sustainable way.

What does it mean to be a Certified B Corporation?

In short, B Corps are companies that use business as a force for good. To be certified as a B Corporation, a brand must meet high standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. It’s a pretty exclusive club—there are currently over 2,000 certified B Corps worldwide (with this number growing every day), including leading companies such as Seventh Generation, Apolis, Patagonia, and Eileen Fisher.

Better Beauty Vermont- Why stop at products? Beautycounter also goes to great lengths to choose the right product packaging. We don't allow polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and bisphenol A (BPA) and opt for glass, paper, or safer plastic materialsNot only is Beautycounter addressing the health issues associated with potentially harmful endocrine system disrupting chemicals and known carcinogens and neurotoxins in our personal care and cosmetics (personal care and cosmetics are some of the least regulated products on the market today), they’re doing it in a way that’s environmentally friendly. The packaging is carefully considered, sourced and recyclable. The products themselves come from sustainable and tested sources. It’s a company I’m proud to work with.

We can do more.

Better Beauty Vermont Small Changes can make a huge difference water bottles
Better Beauty Vermont- Small Changes Can Make a Huge Difference

We can use cleaner products to clean our homes (I love Norwex). We can invest in reusable straws (an affiliate link- give it a click?) if we can’t live without straws. We can bring our own reusable cups (I love this one). Carry our own water bottle. Little things.




Better Beauty Vermont Lead in Lipstick

Have you ever considered that the personal care products you use ultimately end up back in our environment? Not only do they end up in our bodies, potentially causing harm, but all those micro-beads and other nonsense end up in our water, in our fish, in our soil.

Valentine’s Day is about love- loving your partner, loving your family, loving yourself. Using safer products for you and your loved ones is not only better for your health, it’s ultimately better for the environment- so it’s a little extra love for the environment that supports our passions.

And our chickens.

These two things might not be the same…