Guys- I realize it might be a hard sell to convince you that a company with Beauty in the name is also looking out for you, but I’m going to give it a try.

All of the health conditions potentially linked to toxins in every day products can happen to men too- yes, even breast cancer. In fact, a friend of mine wrote a book about his journey- check it out on AmazonWhile fewer of you might need mascara, everyone needs safe body wash, shampoo and soap. The Citrus Mimosa body bar and the Body Collection share this great light unisex scent and are free of harmful chemicals that can reduce sperm mobility and increase cancer risk.
Better Beauty Vermont Introducing Counterman! Everything you need for a safer shave!


Even better? Launching today- our Counterman line- many of you, if not all, engage in some sort of facial hair ritual every morning. Shouldn’t the products you use be safer? Head to Beautycounter and grab yours today!




I promise using a product with Beauty in the name is a step in the right direction towards being the best you. Look- the packaging is even mostly blue!