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Counterman- sold out!

Whew- what a ride that was! With each new product we offer, there's a ton of time and effort that goes into development- it's not easy providing high performing products that meet our industry leading safety standards. We were blown... Continue Reading →

Counterman! You deserve a safe shave.

Guys- I realize it might be a hard sell to convince you that a company with Beauty in the name is also looking out for you, but I'm going to give it a try. All of the health conditions potentially... Continue Reading →

Limited Edition!

Guys- don't think you use beauty products? Think again! Men use personal care products too, and are equally affected by the potentially harmful chemicals hidden inside them. Not sure where to start? Check out this limited edition set!

Hey Guys- Better Beauty affects you too.

Sometimes I think my husband thinks I'm nuts. He went off to do the grocery shopping the other day with a short but specific list- milk, cheese, organic pasta or pasta not from the US (so it's not all full... Continue Reading →

Personal Care Products for Men

My husband is the only person I know that still uses bar soap. While I have added bar soap back into my routine, I thought it was a relic only used when you forgot your soap at a hotel. Much... Continue Reading →

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