Whew- what a ride that was!

With each new product we offer, there’s a ton of time and effort that goes into development- it’s not easy providing high performing products that meet our industry leading safety standards. We were blown away by the demand for this one.

This Counterman limited edition gift set was a preview of the full size line launching in early 2018 and we’re thrilled that there’s such a demand for these products for men. For those of you who have men in your lives you care about, you know they deserve safer products too– after all, their health is half of the equation if your trying to start or expand a family or live happily ever after without debilitating health issues.

Better Beauty Vermont Beautycounter Counterman

So don’t dismay- we’ll have more of this gift set in stock at the end of the month, and full size versions launch soon. You can always check Beautycounter.com for updates and to browse other products that are great for the whole family… here are some examples to get you thinking…

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So don’t dismay- remember- Beautycounter is more than a beauty brand, we’re a movement. We’re growing at amazing rate and have amazing people working as educators and advocates for all of us.

Better Beauty Vermont Beautycounter is more than beauty brand, it's a movement

So let’s keep working together to grow and lead the charge towards safer products in the hands of everyone!