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Five Things to Relieve Dry Winter Skin

Winter is still here. In fact, I'm hunkered down writing in my cozy living room watching Winter Storm Quinn settle in on top of my house. Yup. At least six more weeks of winter. My skin is not happy about... Continue Reading →

Can you tell I’m psyched for Beautycounter Holiday??

So I introduced you to the holiday line Tuesday (check it out here!) and it just keeps getting better. I got the second half of my order the other day and it takes all my willpower to put it down...... Continue Reading →

Beautycounter Holiday Gives Me All the Feels

Holiday Shopping. Every year I have grand plans of getting ahead of things, then fall short and buy crap gifts the night before. Not this year! I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pre-sale of the Beautycounter... Continue Reading →

Makeup Monday-Why Less is More

Perhaps my minimalist preferences for makeup are because I've never been overly confident in my application skills. Growing up a bit of a tomboy, I spent hours building things out of sticks and not working on the perfect blended eyeshadow... Continue Reading →

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Growing up, somehow getting the Christmas tree up and decorated became a Christmas Eve activity. I suspect it had something to do with my parents getting into a standoff over who exactly was supposed to go get the tree, and... Continue Reading →

Why Direct Retail?

  Sometimes people give me a skeptical look when I share that I'm working at home with Beautycounter. I was skeptical at first of the direct retail model at first, but then I learned more. Take a few minutes to... Continue Reading →

Taking Time 

Alice has a cold. She's all cute and dribbley and snuggles abound. I'm getting nothing done. It's ok. Well, sort of. I'm justifying it by remembering that focusing on one thing at a time, and not rushing, is an important... Continue Reading →

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