Alice has a cold. She’s all cute and dribbley and snuggles abound. I’m getting nothing done. It’s ok. Well, sort of. I’m justifying it by remembering that focusing on one thing at a time, and not rushing, is an important part of getting things done. Sometimes it feels like everything happens at once, so being forced to think through what I’m typing  (because one hand typing is really slow) is ultimately good.

Another thing that’s important is to take time to care for yourself. After an entire day yesterday being touched and pulled on, and with Alice reaching down my shirt looking for her night cap, the only time to myself was the 3 minutes to wash my face before hunkering down for an evening of hot, wet, baby breath on my neck. 

Knowing that my Nourishing Cream Cleanser  is baby snuggle proof, as is my Rejuvenating Night Cream makes me feel good. The few minutes to myself might not seem like a lot, but it’s not selfish to take time for yourself. Just because I’m a wife and mom doesn’t mean I’m not still me. Maybe Beautycounter is an excuse, but so what?

Take time for yourself and indulge in a great skin routine that makes you feel like you again.