I got started on my #switchtosafer because of my baby. The products I was putting on my largest organ, and that of my new baby, were riddled with ingredients that have not been tested for safety and some are known bad actors. I didn’t want her ingesting products she gummed off me or licked off herself, and I didn’t want her exposed to a lifetime of toxic chemicals that could affect her health.

A segment of my family I didn’t consider until recently was our four legged kids. During my pregnancy, our cat was all about licking my belly. I’ll tell you, that’s a great way to distract from the other aches and pains that come with the belly. Luckily for her, I almost exclusively used coconut oil as moisturizer, so no worries there. My dogs routinely lick my face (sometimes to my dismay).

We all know there are human foods we’re not supposed to feed our pets. There are also chemicals that we shouldn’t put on their skin or let them eat. Well that’s all fine and good, but the chemicals they lick off our bodies are just as bad. Our pets are a great source of stress relief and overall wellness, they deserve to not be exposed to chemicals that can cause them harm. The more I consider the impact my personal care products have on my family, the more relieved I am that companies like Beautycounter are out there making an impact.